What is social media on business?



Social media (aka Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and etcis one of the fastest growing job makers today 

・ Consumer depends on advice and guidance from their peers to help them make choices about everything

For example: for what food to eat, what clothe to wear, what color of car to drive and so on.

Social media influences almost every purchasing decisionthis makes social marketing extremely powerful 

Before, businesses depend on many forms of marketing and advertising including: Yellow Pages ads, Direct mail marketing, In store advertising, Cold calling, Door to door demonstrations, World of mouth and referrals.

 All of these tactics still work, but Social media is QUICKLY becoming a front runner



How social media works & why it is WORTH IT


・ In this day and age, the fastest access to other people is online


・ Social networks have edged email put as the first and most frequent online destination


 Social Media can be used to share informations 


Social networks keep people connected to each other.

By providing helpful information in an easy to access format businesses can reach more people and gain attention!


・ Social Media can be used to give people something to remember


– When people open their mailbox and find that card with the catchy slogan, they remember it.

– When they watch the amusing commercial, they remember it.

– When they hear the radio jingle, they remember it.

Social media gives people things to remember delivered right into their daily stream or feed


・ Social Media can be used to present solutions

– Businesses can showcase the benefits of depending on them for information and solutions while reaching a huge audience.

– Businesses can provide “how to” advice, or offer freebies that preview how their services or products can solve their customers problems.


The ultimate goal is to convince the viewer that you have the best solution to their specific problem


 Social Media gives businesses control over their image


Social media is the least expensive and the most effective form of advertising


A social media campaign can reach more people in a more lasting way than any other type of marketing


If a business with a $2,000 a month marketing budget and little or no online presence diverts just a third of those funds to social media, the results can be astounding


Examples of social media done RIGHT 



・ NIKE: Nike was one of the biggest early brands to dive into social media, building huge followings on both Twitter and Facebook

・ Starbucks: Social media marketing turned Starbucks around, with giveaways on Facebook and requests for customer input

CocaCola. Ford, Zappos, Dell and some other brands are known as doing social media right.


– Companies can use social media in the arena of customer service

– Many companies have dedicated staff members assigned to handling Twitter accounts and Facebook pages

– People notice when a brand steps up to the plate promptly, with genuine concern and making things right